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Organization: Flanders Atletiekclub Ieper and Poperinge (FLAC)
Competition: McBride-run (1/2-marathon) Mini McBride-run (7km)
Date: Sunday 7 June Sunday 7 June
Distance: 21.097,5m 7km
Start: 10 AM – Grote Markt at Ieper 9.45 AM- market place in Poperinge
Arrival: market place in Poperinge market place in Poperinge
Participants: VAL, LFBA and non-affiliated athletes VAL, LFBA and non-affiliated athletes
Minimum age: 18 years 13 years
1/2 Marathon
until 31 may
1/2 Marathon
until 31 may
 WITH buffet € 20 € 18
 WITHOUT buffet € 10 € 15 € 8 € 10
 EXTRA buffet € 14 € 14
Via the website “http://mcbride-run.flac.be/”
If you register before the 17th of May 2020, you will receive a personalized chest number.
The buffet is ham with different fresh vegetables, potatoes, bread, … à volonté
NB.: Maximum number of  buffets = 550
Registration number: In advance: on 1st of  June from 9u.-13u. in the reception office McBride, Paddevijverstraat 49, Ieper
Same day: 1/2 marathon:  from 8u.-9u.30 in Het Vleeshuis, Neermarkt 9, Ypres
New location! – Only 200m from the start
Same day: 7 km mini-run: from 8u.-9u.15 in the rooml Maeke Blyde, Doornstraat 43, Poperinge
Sports bags: Free transportation from Ieper to Poperinge
Dressing rooms:
(+ showers)
before the start 1/2 marathon in Het Vleeshuis, Neermarkt 9, Ypres
before the start 7 km mini-run in the fire station next to the room Maeke Blyde
after arrival both runs : in the fire station next to the room Maeke Blyde
Track: Magnificent trail mainly flat and car free.
Every 4 km a refreshment station.
Exact distance designation, also for the mini McBride-run.
Cycle attendant: One cycle attendant per participant is admitted for the half marathon.
regulation for the cycle attendants (in Dutch): -->Click here for the Regulations 2020
Time registration: electronic time registration
Prize distribution:
(+ buffet)
Room Maeke Blyde at 300m from the arrival
Gift: valuable gift package McBride
Towel: exclusive towel, for the participants of the half marathon
Sports drink: At the arrival sampling W-Cup sports drink and mineral water at each refreshment station
Shuttle service: free shuttle service with bus from the  Maeke Blyde Room to the centre of Ieper
departure hours: 12h30/13h15/14h00/14h45
CLASSIFICATION / SOUVENIR / PRIZES/ EXTRA’S (mandatory presence of all laureates)
Money prizes: 1/2-marathon men: 125/75/60/55/50/45/40/35/30/25/25/20/20/15/10 euro
1/2-marathon women: 125/75/60/50/40/30/25/20/15/10 euro
mini men: 60/50/40/30/20/15/15/10/10/10 euro
mini women: 60/50/40/30/20/15/15/10/10/10 euro
1st per category: sen/35+/45+/55+ men/women = 25 euro
Competition record: half marathon men/women = 100 euro
PC 2020 The 2020 edition counts for the Western Flemish Provincial Championship for affi liated athletes.
Tombola: For those who registered in advance, there is a tombola with more than 4,000 € worth
of prizes and coupons that can be collected immediately after the race. Only the 20 main
prizes will be allotted during the prize distribution protocol.
Rankings: challenge cup for the companies
competition rules (in Dutch): -->Click here for the Regulations 2020
In memory of Marathon Willy, active in the McBride run and the vzw WA, 2 € of your participation fee goes to support the local activities of ‘ vzw WA in Ghana’.
E-mail: bert.mcbride-run@telenet.be